Dani Drywa

Ordinary Moments

The central London skyline during sunset
The central London skyline during sunset. Photo by DANIEL DRYWA. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

My eyes are blinking fast to clear the blurry vision. My hand wipes away a tear that is rolling down my cheek. I am crying while looking out the window. The view is nothing special, I have seen it countless times before. And yet, after a bird flew through my field of view for just a second, I am overcome with sadness. There will never be a moment like this again. It is forever gone. I might be able to hold on to it as a memory, but with time it will fade. I might be able to write it down, but that will not capture the full extend of it. And as I stand here, thinking about the loss of all the ordinary moments before, another feeling starts to fill my mind. A feeling of appreciation. Appreciation for all the ordinary moments I was able to experience and for all the ordinary moments I am yet to experience. Each one of them unique in every single way, which makes them something special. Something extraordinary.